Telfer Executive MBA recognized for second year as No. 1 Global Executive MBA

Our president, Darryl Nelson, had the opportunity to partner up with the highly ranked Global Executive MBA program for a capstone project in Malaysia for Telfer’s Class of 2017.

At the University of Ottawa Telfer Executive MBA program, candidates are challenged to be more than “just” strategic thinkers; they need to learn, apply and execute. The program also sets up a series of initial meetings abroad, to help the project get started. Working with a company like Nelson Environmental gives the candidates an opportunity to address real problems being faced by large organizations. As a client partner, Nelson Environmental receives the consulting services without financial risk, which lets the business gain valuable research from the team’s research.

With the value and success of this partnership, Darryl is now preparing for a second international trip, this time to Vietnam, with the next cohort of candidates in April.

For a more in-depth look at the Telfer Executive MBA program, read more at the link below.

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* Featured image of Darryl Nelson and Telfer Executive MBA team in Kuala Lumpur – April 2017 from original Ottawa Citizen article