Welcoming our new Director of Business Development

We are pleased to welcome our new Director of Business Development, Haysem Naboulsi. His responsibilities at Nelson Environmental Remediation include marketing, brand management, and business development.

Prior to joining Nelson, Haysem worked in strategic business development, leadership, and marketing at several companies within the Oil and Gas service sector. He also thrives with challenges – especially those that expand the company’s reach. We believe that with 15 years of related experience and a go-getter mindset, Haysem will make a positive and effective impact on our current business.

More about Haysem

Haysem holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Business from the University of Lethbridge. His greatest strengths are his creativity, drive, and leadership. He is well-adept with strategic thinking, and has the ability to effectively scan the situation, analyze information, and develop innovative and structured solutions to the problems at hand. He has experience with both collaborative and independent procedures, and has been recognized for a positive results-oriented sales style coupled with strong people, planning, marketing, and objective decision-making skills.

We are excited for the opportunities Haysem’s presence will bring to our Company.