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Water Remediation

NELSON offers water remediation to treat areas with polluted water by removing harmful products present in the water.

Design Assistance

Nelson SCG uses over 20 years of experience in the design and installation of remediation and water treatment systems to design systems that will allow the needs of our clients to be met. Using our knowledge and innovative technologies, we are able to understand the inner workings of the design and work collaboratively with project stakeholders.

Pilot testing is conducted on each site in order to understand the site itself and the specific challenges it poses to ensure the right tools are used for the project. By doing so, a cost-effective system can be designed for the project that will utilize proper technologies and address site-specific goals and challenges, ensuring successful execution.

Installation Assistance

To ensure the systems are installed efficiently, our designers are on site during every aspect of system installation. This allows for real-time trouble shooting in case any issues arise during the process, allowing our systems to operate effectively. Our expert team is able to make immediate decisions based on their experience in the industry.

Optimization Assistance

The key to successful optimization is to treat each site as if it were “pay for performance”.

Nelson SCG’s extensive experience with site remediation allows us to navigate the how, when and why of system optimization to ensure performance throughout the lifecycle of the remedial project. Optimization of sites can vary depending on the size of the project but is important in understanding the complexities of the site and the needs of the client.

O&M Assistance

Operation and maintenance of a remedial system is important in keeping it effective. The goal is to achieve high runtimes (>90%) while maximizing the effectiveness of the remediation process and equipment. In addition, optimization should be completed by a field supervisor to maximize the effectiveness of the process. Including a collection of pre-optimization data is crucial to determine the best course of action.