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Global Soil Remediation

NELSON Environmental Remediation Ltd. is a Western Canadian based environmental contractor, specializing in soil remediation and contaminated site preparation/restoration. NELSON’s unique mobile, thermal soil remediation system is cost-effective, has a predictable timeline, eliminates liability issues attached to a site, and results in beneficial re-use soil. Bottom line, we provide certainty to clients in North America, Asia and all over the world.



The NELSON Environmental Group is known throughout the world for its expertise in soil remediation using low-temperature desorption through our mobile remediation technology. We have expanded our services to include…

Direct Fired Thermal Desorption

Direct Fired Thermal Desorption (TDU) removes organic contaminants from soil, sludge or sediment by heating them in a machine called a “thermal desorber” to evaporate the contaminants. The evaporation process volatilizes the organic contaminants in the soil into a vapour phase (gases) which in turn, separates them from the solid material.

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Indirect Fired Thermal Desorption 

NELSON’S Indirect Thermal Desorption (ITD) uses an inclined rotating metallic cylinder to heat the feed material. The heat transfer mechanism is conduction through the cylinder wall. In this type of system neither the flame nor the products of combustion can contact the feed solids or the off gas.

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As one of the only thermal consulting businesses to own and operate their own equipment, we offer a number of on-site services that create a more effective and efficient site. Our growing fleet of technologically advanced systems allows us to remediate more than 250,000 tonnes of material annually.

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Thermal Process Consulting

Having operated everywhere from the Artic to the Tropics, 24 hours a day, NELSON can provide non-competitive industrial users, focused on difficult to enter markets, with the expertise required to properly design a remediation site, commission a plant, and process contaminated material.

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Nelson SCG

Using High Resolution tools coupled with proprietary data analysis and modelling, SCG offers clearer delineation of contaminated sites.  Clearer delineation allows stakeholders and consultants a better opportunity to develop effective clean-up strategies.

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Water Remediation

SCG has over 20 years of experience in the design and installation of remediation and water treatment systems conducting hundreds of pilot and full-scale operations for a variety of contaminants and environmental conditions.

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Our Beneficial Process

Our thermal remediation process is trusted worldwide. It is cost-effective, safe, and environmentally friendly. Keep scrolling down this page to learn about some of the benefits we provide to each of our customers.


Our Strategic Partners

NELSON Environmental Group is partnered with several organizations to help serve our global markets.