2017: NELSON Year in Review

NELSON Environmental Remediation is celebrating a record year as we move from fall to winter of 2017, with a major milestone achieved having surpassed the 1,000,000 ton production mark of our current project in North Dakota! We are very pleased to have reached this significant event with a perfect incident-free safety record.  The management team at NELSON express their sincerest gratitude to the field staff and all our project colleagues for contributing to this accomplishment.  

The project continues on with daily production records being sent with our two highest capacity thermal systems work simultaneously.  We look forward to continuing this pace through the winter as the team displays the ability to achieve this year round.  Surprisingly to most people, the prairie winter is a fine time for thermal desorption and NELSON continues to deliver “Clean Dirt, No Doubt!” in the manner we have become known for.

We continue to progress with commissioning of the Indirect-fired Thermal Desorption system near Montreal.  Our client sees value in the product recovery the system is delivering, and we look forward to having the system fully operational in 2018.

We continue to receive inquiries from across North America and abroad regarding contaminated sites in many jurisdictions.  The reputation of our field staff has earned for the company is traveling far and wide while we continue to develop projects for several industries in need of soil remediation.  We also continue to develop relationships with other environmental firms with complementary expertise allowing us to bring further values to clients.  Many clients in foreign countries are requesting we introduce thermal remediation along with additional technologies and expertise to provide a multi-faceted range of remediation options.  We are pleased to be viewed as a corporation they can trust with delivering a host of solutions for the complex environmental industry.

With our growth externally, we have the opportunity to grow internally. We are bringing new staff on board to build our capacity and capability in order to meet the needs of various markets developing.  We are pleased to have many long-term staff with the ability to bring new employees up to speed as they join our team.  This gives us confidence to expand the array of systems we employ and increase capacity to meet the growth ahead.

After the intense 2017 season, we look forward to our annual year-end shut down over the Christmas and New Year holidays.  Our team has earned a well-deserved break and we are pleased we can take the time off for everyone to unwind with family and friends celebrating the great year it has been.  We will start the 2018 season with momentum and confidence 2017 built.

Thank you to everyone who helped make 2017 a great success.  We wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season to complete 2017 in a great manner!

– Darryl and Warren Nelson